Letters from the Mayor

April 1, 2016

Letter to residents of the Village of Spring Valley

This letter is to inform you of what is happening in your community. Your input is needed.

Items covered

1. Main St. Project

2. Community Development

3. Budget

4. New clerk-treasurer

5. April 30, clean up day

How to Get Information and Answers

If you have any questions there are several ways to get answers and information

1. Main St. Project

The project is to update and replace Main St. and some of the underlying infrastructure.

Summary of the Project

To smooth and seal Main Street from Vine Street to Bellbrook Ave.

We are currently working on an income survey from the residents involved, so that we can apply for a grant.

2. Community Development

We need your input for our community’s development.

What changes do you want us to make?

What do you want us to achieve?

Here is what we’re thinking: We want to work to bring visible community activities and a couple of active businesses back to our very small downtown. This won’t be easy and it won’t be fast, but it is possible. I’m not sure what businesses make sense and are sustainable and the village council can’t start or create businesses, but we are working to make the downtown more pleasing and attractive to small businesses. We want to take advantage of the bike path passing through our community and make the village more accessible and welcoming to visitors and new residents.

We currently have park benches that we want to place within the community. Do you have a suggestion as to where we could place a bench that would be beneficial to the residents and visitors?

What else do you want us to set as goals? We welcome your input and ideas. Please attend a council meeting or write us an email or letter with your thoughts. You can also send an email to SpringValleyOH@gmail.com, or write us at POB 418.

3. The community budget

We have just completed the appropriations for 2016. These are pending the auditor's approval.

4. New Clerk/Treasurer

We would like to welcome Karen Penry as our new clerk. We would also like to thank Janet Miller for her service to the village.

5. April 30th Arbor Day

We are working to beautify the village. As part of that effort, I have declared April 30th as Arbor Day in the Village of Spring Valley. Activities will begin at 10 am. Details available in the Village Pump.


Doug Walters, Mayor, Village of Spring Valley