Main St. Project delayed

Post date: Nov 21, 2012 9:37:29 PM

The Main St. Project has been delayed because the bids that came in were well over the available funding. We have had to revise what we are going to be able to do on the project. The engineers have to complete new specifications and then we have to re-bid the project. We expect to open the new bids on January 8, 2013.

The changes to the project are as follows:

- The amount of new street is from Elm to Vine

- The replace and repair of storm sewer starts west of the bike path and ends at the outlet across from Elm St.

- The water main and connected services will be replaced from Elm to Vine

- Trees removed as needed from Vine to Elm

What won't happen as originally planned:

- Replace and repair the storm sewer from just west of the bike path to Bellbrook Avenue

- Replace the street from Vine to Bellbrook Avenue

- Add electrical conduit for future use

- Replace the water main and associated connections from Vine to Spring Valley-Paintersville Rd

- Trees removed from Vine to Bellbrook Avenue