Grants: Carol Harner, Stephanie McKee

LGIF - Local Government Innovation Fund - research and prepare for a submission in 2 years.

Have an initial meeting, set a plan and meet as needed or at least twice a year.

Suggested to pursue Solar Lamp Posts for village.

Greene county planning: Lori Carroll, Sue McLaughlin

Planning Commission: Lori Carroll, Ashley Crawford, Kevin Cunningham

Meet twice a year, or as needed depending on activity.

Contact village residents (list names), request participation.

Design and recommend future changes for the village.

Plan for the post Main St. project beautification.

Find resources and coordinate the work effort for beautification.

Public Safety / Streets and Sidewalks: Nada Colwell, Sue McLaughlin

Meet as needed or requested.

Monitor and track needed maintenance and repair of streets and sidewalks.

Recommend improvements or actions to improve public safety based on complaints, information provided by law enforcement, or other information.

Know village ordinances - suggested to scan existing codified ordinances for website.

Utilities/Finance: Everyone

Know and understand the budget.

Review the budget and recommend changes and savings opportunities.

Determine what appropriations are necessary to cover ongoing expenses.

Suggest innovative ideas to extend the General Fund.

Monitor the water fund and know the expected expenses so it is effectively maintained over time and ensure the ongoing viability of the water utility.

Research and suggest new ways to create income for the village in a way conscientious to village residents.

Meet Quarterly or as needed/requested by the Clerk.

Streets, Alleys and Sidewalks: Sue McLaughlin, Nada Colwell

Rules: Nada Colwell, Sue McLaughlin

Utilities: Matters relating to the operation, improvement and maintenance of the waterworks and its structure and operating procedures. Provide information to Council on condition of utilities, review and develop improvement projects, review and develop long range plans for maintenance and improvement.

Brett Bonecutter, Nick Anderson